China India war: US offers nation cutting-edge new fighter jet

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The new jet, called the F-15EX, was developed by aerospace giant Boeing, and is being offered to India by the US, the Eurasian Times has claimed. The F-15EX is an upgraded version of the F-15 Eagle, a twin-engine fighter jet that has been in operation for nearly 50 years.


The new aircraft has been called the most advanced version of the F-15 fighter ever.

Regarding the new aircraft, Boeing said: “With next-generation technologies that provide improved survivability across a broad spectrum of environment, the complementary capabilities of F-15EX enable a more balanced for structure that will remain of current and emerging threats for decades.

“Low-risk technology investments have enhanced the multi-mission F-15EX’s manoeuvrability, acceleration, durability, computing power and weapons carriage to improve interoperability and strengthen deterrence via the inherent strength of a diversified portfolio.

“In support of the National Defence Strategy, the United States Air Force must purchase 72 combat aircraft per year.”

India fighter jet f15

The F-15EX is an upgraded version of the aging F-15, pictured (Image: Max Nash / AFP / Getty)

“The best way to preserve this fighter capacity is to acquire Boeing’s cost-effective F-15EX.”

The F-15EX has had improvements in a range of areas that analysts have said could help it outperform competing jets such as the much more recent F-35, developed by Lockheed Martin.

However, Boeing say the biggest difference between the F-15EX and the standard F-15 is what it calls ‘Open Mission Systems’, or OMS.

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F-15 fighter jet

A normal F-15 fighter jet on a practice flight (Image: Oli Scarff / AFP / Getty)

This enables the F-15EX to receive new technology as it is developed to further improve the jet.

The jet has been offered to India, but already the US Air Force has secured a contract with Boeing for eight of the fighters.

The contract is said to have been worth almost $1.2 billion. However, this figure could be set to dramatically increase as the US Air Force has said it could order as many as 144 of the upgraded jets, the Eurasian Times adds.

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India protest

A protest in India following a fatal clash between Indian and Chinese forces (Image: Himanshu Bhatt / NurPhoto / Getty)

Doing so would help the US replace its aging fleet of older F-15s.

India recently reached a ‘five-point consensus’ with China after foreign ministers from both nations met in Moscow last week.

Analysts say it provides some hope that a diplomatic solution to tensions between the two countries can be found.

India border force soldier

An Indian border force soldier stationed along the India-Pakistan border (Image: Tauseef Mustafa / AFP / Getty)

Last week, India and Pakistan trade gunfire in a clash over the Line of Control boundary which separates the two countries.

Both sides accused one another of violating a previously-agreed ceasefire in the area.

In addition, there have been simmering tensions between India and China over the boundary between themselves known as the Line of Actual Control, or the LAC.

India China border

Indian forces driving along a highway near the India-China border (Image: Yawar Nazir / Getty)

Military size graph

Military size graph (Image: UK)

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In June, India said 20 of its soldiers were killed in a clash between the two countries’ forces in a region known as the Galwan Valley.

Last week, the two nations accused one another of firing live weapons in the area.

If true, it would have been the first time in 45 years a shot had been fired in the region and a violation of a live gunfire prohibition within 1.2 miles of the LAC.


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