Pakistan fails to cater to the needs of PoK residents amid COVID-19 outbreak

The people in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) have been facing severe crisis of essential commodities as Islamabad fails to deliver its promise during the lockdown amid COVID-19 outbreak in the occupied territory. The pandemic is acting like a salt in the wounds of local residents. Though the government announced relief packages for the people of PoK but nothing has been done thus far. Moreover, the food items that are available at stores are being sold at much higher prices further depicting the failure of the price control committees in controlling inflation. Even the Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan that has its chain stores in almost all the cities of Pakistan occupied Kashmir has failed to provide adequate food items to the people. With many of its stores often running out of stock, people are left with no option but to return empty-handed. The gas cylinders too are being sold at higher prices in PoK, making the survival very difficult for the people of the region. Be it the adequate supply of food material or providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits to doctors and the paramedical staff in PoK, Pakistan is showing no concern, leaving the beleaguered people to suffer in silence and eventually wither into oblivion.Pakistan occupied Kashmir has already registered 40 coronavirus patients. Poor testing facilities in the region is a cause of worry among the people as they fear rapid spread of virus in the community.

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